Open Air and Open Road Adventures Surrounded by Nature

Hotel Lac Brome's is set amount some of the most beautifull surrounding and mountains of the Eastern Townships. Well knows for its scenic beauty, smoth roads and geogeous waterways the region abounds in exceptional activities.  Summer, Winter, Falll and Spring are all on offer.  You can find adventure right on our door step in the Quilliams Nature Reserve or on lake beome its self.  For busy people who like to get out and explore our guest will find all manner of places to experience their personal activities.

Ski - Cycle - Canoe -Kayak -Hike - Cross Country - Motorbike - Swim - Kite Surf - Board - 

Take to the lakes & waterways


Boots & Bikes-La Lanterne Rouge et Sentier Lac Brome

A casual observer will quickly notice that road cyclist are as much a common site on the roads that lead to the hotel as are the migratory birds that choose to stop and rest in our back yard at the Quillims Nature Resereve on their epic seasonal journey north and south every season.  La Laterne Rouge or the Red Lantern route [51KM] of the Brome Missisquoi region passes right by our hotel and is a top choice for active & recreational cyclist who train around Lac-Brome area. 

Hikers, recreational cyclist and dog lovers who know the region understand that we are located on one of the most scenic trails of the Lac-Brome Missiquoi area.  The Lac-Brome Hiking Trail passes through our back yard and there are multiple trail access points in close proiximity to the hotel that will take you into the heart of nature.